Thursday 10 July 2014

Three years on...

I can’t quite believe that it’s been three years without my brother and I can’t really say how this time has gone. I can still barely believe he’s not around, but the space gets harder to ignore.  And with that comes the ability to learn to live with it, I suppose.

Anyway, it has been bugging me that another year is rolling round and I haven’t completed my challenge. Once I got thinking, I realised, I probably have… with a little extra push this week I’ve made it all the way to… 51. So so close…

Go to Japan: crazy, crazy place, and I loved every minute of it. And of course, it brought with it some more firsts that could only happen in Japan…

Akihabara in Tokyo... crazy, crazy place

Visit a Maid Café: awkward… but an experience (if you don't know what a maid cafe is, Wikipedia has some answers for you). 

Lunch at the @home Maid Cafe, Tokyo... Moe <3 td="">

 See a real life geisha: Well, this photo is of a Maiko, a trainee geisha, but still a first…

Maiko in Kyoto. I have since found out her name is Katsutomo San

Eat sushi off a conveyer belt… in Japan: an extension of one of my original firsts.

Interview an idol: So, this happened… and I was very happy… Anybody who knew me when I was about 18 will know that this guy is definitely one of my idols!

Take a dip in the sea on Christmas day: Bloody freezing, but bloody good fun too.  Plus we managed to raise money for St Elizabeth Hospice, a brilliant local charity.  

Waiting around was much worse than actually running into the sea! 
Live with my other half: It’s been a while now that we’ve been sharing our living space, but I still love it (awwww).

Join the stem cell register: I’ve given blood for some time, but, when I saw this bbc feature about somebody who transports stem cells from donors to those in need and I thought ‘why not?’.  It really is this simple to save someone’s life. If you want to find out more about what is involved, visit the Anthony Nolan website

Spend a day at 'Kellerman's': AKA the holiday resort in Dirty Dancing. Thanks to Secret Cinema, this actually happened. 

I carried a freaking watermelon!

 Visit Tunisia: Another place to tick off the map.

Be active: This is the first time in my life I can describe myself as ‘active’. Yes, I walked to work in the past, but that was pretty much all the exercise I got. After training for my 10k last July, I’ve kept up the running and will be competing in a real endurance event later on this year:The Whole Hog (watch this space!).

Go on one of the plughole waterslides: I did it! Years after I first saw a water slide like this in America and was too scared to try it, I finally did it. But probably wouldn’t do it again…(again, if you don't know what kind of waterslide I am talking about, Wiki

It's the slide on the left.
You travel round and round the basin then plop into the pool below. 

Spend a day playing games with my niece: Cheating a little bit with this first,  but now my niece is a little bit older I have had plenty of days spent just playing games with her, particularly hide and seek and jumping on the bed. I love her to pieces.

Visit Rome: Amazing food. Amazing place. Amazing trip.

Loved it

 So that makes 51. Just one more to go…

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