Wednesday 18 July 2012

My first 'first' completed....but I feel like a cheat

Picture by James Cridland

Yesterday I completed a first. As I was sitting in a curry house in Brick Lane with my friend, we were talking about how this was something I had wanted to 'cross off my list' when I was living in London and never got round to it.

The lamb bhuna was delicious, and made all the more satisfying by the appetite we had worked up walking round the streets of the East End looking at street art (I highly recommend the the Alternative London Tour to anybody visiting the capital).

All in all, a very nice new experience.

But it was only this morning that I realised that could actually class it as this week's 'first' and I felt like I had cheated a little bit. Not only in that I had planned to do something to help somebody as my first official 'first' but also that I had no intention of it being part of this blog at the time.

In order to try and gain maximum satisfaction from this task, and a proper sense of accomplishment, I've decided it is necessary for me to decide in advance what it is I want to do each week. So I will get started on making a list (I do love my lists) of things I want to do and to keep a records of 'firsts' I have achieved. Watch this space.

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