Tuesday 25 June 2013

An Explosion of Firsts... A Poem

I know it has been a while since I last updated this blog. And even longer since I last updated my list of Firsts. But in the last few weeks, there has been a 'First explosion' in my life that I thought I would share with you… in poetry form.

Here goes…

An Explosion of Firsts (and an example of why you should grow out of the habit of putting rhyming above all else when writing poetry) ...

My First list sat at twenty two,
For  weeks and weeks and more,
Until I tried a delicacy,
I’d never tried before.

I got told off for swallowing whole,
And offered another for free,
So after trying TWO oysters,
The total rose to twenty three.

Slimey, yet satisfying...

Now I’ve always quite liked Shakespere,
(Although, clearly, I’m no bard),
But I’d never seen a play performed
In the Globe theatre yard.

So I got myself a ticket,
And watched The Tempest in the rain,
I may have spent a lot on tea,
But it was worth the financial strain!

Storm clouds looming above the Globe theatre.

I’ve been away with friends before,
But never on a ‘Girlie Holiday’,
Until we took Majorca by storm,
(I even rode a Segway)!

Me. On a Segway. A recipe for disaster.

My driving test was passed first time,
But confidence I lacked,
Until I finally plucked up the courage,
To drive to Ipswich and back.

Learning a language is never easy,
Particularly ‘Nihongo’,
But I’ve managed to pick a few words up,
That should help me when I go!

Definitely my favourite Meme I have come across while
learning a language on Memrise

So now we’re up to twenty eight,
As you can see, I enjoy lists,
So I wrote down 100 things,
That bring me happiness.

I also tried to live the life,
Of someone else for a day,
But I know it must be so much harder,
When you can’t just walk away.


For my birthday I was wined and dined,
In the classiest of places,
A four course meal in Claridges,
Complete with birthday cakes  (say it like ‘cake-es’ and it works).

Small but perfectly yummy!

So that’s what I’ve been up to ,
Since I last updated you,
Now I just need to read this out,
And I’ll have made it thirty two!

(If you're not sure which Firsts I've been ticking off here, take a look at my list of Firsts)

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  1. This is perfect Em! Our Nathan would have loved to do many of these things, maybe not Claridge's but only because he would have to dress up. Which is funny when you think at christmas when he was 4 he went to bed in his shirt and waistcoat because he wanted to look smart! xxxx